Fashion Week Inspired Interiors

Hey party people, I’m sure so many of you are aware that it’s Fashion Week in this lovely city that I am calling home for now. I’ll admit I’ve never followed it as much as I am this year but with so many advertisements around the city and some of my peers even working on Fashion Week-related projects (!) it was kind of hard to ignore.

So, for fun, I’ve paired some of my favorite looks seen on the runway so far with an interior space that perfectly fits their style. Enjoy!

rodarte inspired interior

rodarte + living room

donna karan inspired interior

donna karan + bedroom

de la renta inspired interior

oscar de la renta + living room

peter som inspired interior

peter som + sitting area

vera wang inspired interior

vera wang +  sitting area


what have been some of your favorite looks on the runway?


defining home

as i prepare for my move to new york city (!) in just five days (!!) i can’t help but get overwhelmed with homesickness, and i haven’t even left yet. i’m notorious for letting things get blown out of proportion in my mind and this situation is certainly no different. because of my internships i’ve moved a lot over the past three years. and as exciting and fun as it’s been to see different parts of the country it’s also been equally unsettling and inconsistent as i try to make each place somewhat of a home.

i’ve been asking myself ‘what makes a home?’ and find that the answer is harder to define than i thought. is it where your stuff is? where your family is? is it where you’re from? or where you’re living now? i think you can argue yes or no on all questions.

i somewhat argue ‘no’ on home being where your stuff is. although being surrounded by your things brings a certain level of comfort it isn’t enough to bring a sense of belonging which, i think, is a key component of home. when i lived in knoxville i felt super lonely; none of friends or family were around and i didn’t really get close to my roommates. although i lived there for eight months, and had my things around, i never would’ve thought to call it home.

that kind of transitions into my next point: is home where your family is/where you’re from? this one is tricky and i kind of sway both ways. don’t get me wrong i love my family. very much. we are all very close and everyone is very supportive of me and my choices. i enjoy going home for visits and spending time with them. but after about three days it’s time to leave. ever since i moved away to school it’s being harder and harder for me to transition to life at my parent’s house. i need my space. i need my stuff. i need my routine. and none of those i get there. i value where i come from, it’s shaped who i am and i am proud of my hometown but i’m that stage in my life where i am making my own life. i am figuring out how to live on my own. and how to make my own home.

so where is my ‘home’? maybe it’s cincinnati – where my apartment and stuff is, where my friends are, where the guy i’m dating is, where i have my defined routine, where i live everyday. or maybe it’s not a place at all, but rather what’s inside your heart. i know that sounds cheesy but hear me out. i think maybe a home is what you create inside yourself to feel comfortable and at ease, it is influenced by your physical surroundings and solidified by your emotional attachments.

but who really knows, that’s just what i think. the move to new york isn’t going to be easy. i’m leaving behind friends and family and a routine to a new apartment with new roommates, a new job and a new city. i will have great life experiences, i will learn and grow as a person and, in some way, i’ll make it home for four months.

i’m interested to hear your thoughts on home; how do you define it?

Blog Update

yikes! it’s been over a month since my last post…i suppose i can come up with a long list of excuses as to why i’m so behind (school, friends, life, whatever) but i think i’ll just turn my head the other way and move on.

i am so excited to announce that my crazy talented sister, hannah (have you checked out her etsy shop?) is going to be collaborating with me on my blog! she is definitely the curiosity to my design and i foresee great changes coming soon! we’re currently working on putting together some great content mixing my interior design and trend watching expertise with her fashion and diy savvy. we’ll be making some aesthetic changes to the blog too and brand it a little better (new logo, layout changes, etc) – it’s gonna look great!

i’ll be heading to nyc this fall for a four month internship which will provide me with some fresh inspiration and ideas! annddddd i just got a sweet new slr camera with which to shoot photos for the blog. so once i learn how to use the thing all my diy images will be looking much better. gosh, i love getting new toys.

all right friends, we’ll be talking to ya soon! stay tuned!

Make It: Pinwheel Garland

diy pinwheel garland

Hey party people! The other day I stumbled on how to make a pinwheel and I have been non-stop crafting these since. They are so quick to make and, when added to a string, can be a fun and impactful party decoration.

Materials: craft paper, X-acto blade or scissors, string, ruler, glue (I used hot glue)

Step 1: Cut the paper into a square shape.
Step 2: On one side use a pencil to draw a line from point to point, creating an X shape.
Step 3: Cut across the line from each side leaving an uncut space in the middle so it remains intact. Do not cut all the way through.
Step 4: Bend the left corner of each triangle shape down and glue on the center point. Be sure to not crease it tightly. You’ll want it to fluff out a little bit.

how to layout pinwheelCreate as many as you want for your desired length of string. Carefully squeeze a drop of hot glue on the back of the pinwheel to attach to the string.

And there ya go! You’ve made a pinwheel garland. Easy peasy!

pinwheel garland

These pinwheel garlands are great because they’re cheap, practical and can really impact a space. Play up different patterns and color schemes to match your party theme.

Happy crafting!

Check Out: Etsy Shop CathexisCreations

I’m so lucky to be constantly surrounded by creative and talented people. My friends are all great artists and designers and even members of my family share my love for making and repurposing items. Today, I’m giving a shoutout to my little sis, Hannah, and her awesome clothing transformation skills.

Hannah Maker Profile

Shop ItemsOne of the best features of the shop, besides the one-of-a-kind creations of course, is the affordability. She prides herself on maintaining an honest shop with an honest philosophy. “I see people that sell high waisted shorts for $40, unless its completely covered in studs there is no reason for that. My prices are extremely great and you’re also getting a great item with it,” she explains. Need more proof? She gets great reviews.

philosophy statement


I’m a little biased because she’s my baby sis but this girl has skills, no denying it. If you’re looking for a unique addition to her wardrobe be sure to check out her site.


Are you a designer/artist with a project or shop you’d like to promote? Shoot me an email and we can talk about setting up a profile.

Make It: Chalkboard Planters

diy chalkboard pots

At the beginning of the summer I decided that I would try to grow a few plants on my window sill. Historically, I haven’t had much luck with keeping plants but I love the idea of growing your own food and plants are just so healthy to keep around so I gave it another try. I just picked up a few of the basics: herbs, cherry tomatoes and a pepper plant. So far so good. In fact, I even got some tomatoes a sproutin’! I was feeling a little uninspired by the dirty orange terra cotta planters they were living in and was on the hunt for an inspired way to fix up the pots.

That’s when I saw these chalkboard planters at West Elm.

west elm chalkboard planters

I had two thoughts. 1) That’s cool and 2) I can totally do that myself. So, naturally, I did.

before supplies

I had some terra cotta pots already (meaning I stole them from my parent’s basement) but I had to buy a few more which ended up being under $2 each at a craft store. Not too shabby. The chalkboard paint was also pretty cheap, about $8. Again, you can pick that up at a craft store. You’ll also need a foam brush and, of course, chalk to write on it with. Easy peasy!

It took me about 3 coats and touchups on each pot to cover up the terra cotta. You’ll also need about 24 hours for it to set in. Once it’s set gently rub chalk all over it to condition the surface. Use a damp cloth to wipe it down and that’s it!


My pots aren’t as clean looking as the ones at West Elm but they are a lot cheaper and I can still write on them so hey, good enough for me! My plants look awesome now against the black and I like that I can write on them so I can remember what’s in each pot and how often to water them. Give it a try for yourself!

Put a Pineapple on It

Whoa, it’s been a crazy summer so far. School, friends, life, fun and not a second to breathe. I’m SO behind on my projects and posts but I’m working hard to build up a few. I just recently (like on Monday) accepted an internship in…wait for it… NEW YORK CITY. That’s right friends, this girl is heading to the Big Apple.  Culture, style and all the inspiration I could ever need. Look forward to some cool posts this fall!

This season I’ve been seeing pineapples pop up quite a bit around the interweb. The prickly, quirky looking, totally tasty summer fruit. Yum. I think they’re so fun and can be great props for styling and make for interesting patterns. There have been some cool interpretations of it too. Interesting object for a trend but hey, anything that reminds me of a cocktail can’t be that bad.

designlovefest pineapple

via | designlovefest

freunde-von-freunden pineapple sfgirlbybay

via | sfgirlbybay

pineapple the standpoint tumblr

via | the standpoint tumblr

pineapple paper hygge and west

Had to note, I am so obsessed with the collaboration between Rifle Paper Co. and Hygge & West. I want this wallpaper everywhere. I had to order a sample of it, you can do that here.

via | honestlywtf

Pineapple Pattern Society 6

via | society6

Elephant Landing Spring Summer Lookbookvia | elephant landing

pineapple lace up shoes

via | asos

So moral of the story is…put a pineapple on it.



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